Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, why hire McCarthyStudios?

Why should I be your photographer? Because I care about your vision and what you are looking for. I will take what you want and I will do everything that I can to achieve it. For weddings, I will create a timeline and shotlist for you and work with you specifically to ensure it fits your needs and that you are happy with it. I will be your resource during the stressful times and magical moments. Weddings, events and even portraits can be overwhelming, and it's my goal to take all that worry away from you and execute your vision. I am available to you for advice, opinions, or even if you need a helping hand, I am just a call or text away!

What is your pricing?

While I understand wanting to have pricing information readily available, my pricing is tailored specifically for you! Rather than charging flat fees for my services, I offer a very affordable base fee for your getting ready photos, your ceremony and your cocktail hour. After that, there is an hourly charge based on how long you are needing coverage after your ceremony. The more hours you need, the bigger discounts you receive!

Do you provide a second photographer?

I always provide a free second photographer when providing coverage for four or more hours! You can certainly request a second shooter for a small extra fee when coverage is less than four hours. I am always happy to work with you and and you are wanting!

Do you offer engagement sessions in our wedding package?

Yes! I offer free engagement photos for ANY wedding package when you book with me! If you book more than six hours, you also receive a free bridal session as well!

Will there be a contract?

Yes! I cannot express how important it is to have a contract in place when hiring all your vendors! Even if you do decide on another photographer, I implore you to ensure you have a contract with a mutual understanding of what is to be expected for your wedding or event. This is to help protect the photographer and more importantly, YOU!

Do you only do weddings?

Not at all! I provide wedding photography, engagement photography, headshots, portraits, family sessions, corporate photography and even those special shots of you and your fur child!

Will every photo be edited?

Yes! While I will select 20-25 of the best or "highlight" photos to focus on, every image no matter the quantity is delivered to you at least touched up. You will never have to worry about receiving raw/unfinished photos!

How many photos will I receive?

I do not believe in limiting my clients with how many photos you receive. While I understand this may be a little unorthodox, I believe in getting the most out of what you pay for! So instead I can promise the following!

  • Headshots: You will receive a minimum of 10 photos

  • Portraits/Family/Pet: You will receive a minimum of 20 photos

  • Engagement Session: You will receive a minimum of 25 photos

  • Wedding (under four hours): You will receive a minimum of 400 photos

  • Wedding (over four hours): You will receive a minimum of 600 photos

  • Corporate: Varies upon event

Do we get copyright of the photos?

This is a common question for sure! You will receive a copyright release for all images you receive! This means you can use the photos as you like excluding commercial use (meaning you cannot sell the images). You will also receive a print release so that you can use any print location/shop to make prints of your images if you do not wish to go through us!

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely! Like the contract, insurance is a must! And a great question to ask any photographer you decide to work with! And if required, I can provide your venue with a certificate of insurance! I just ask for one month's notice before your event to make certain the venue is also covered.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do yes! For weddings in particular, I require a $250 deposit. This covers holding your date as well as your engagement session! After that, we can work with you and how you would like to provide payment, whether monthly or all at once! Please note that we do require payment 60 days prior to your event.